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What Is SaaS? Software As A Service Explained (In 9 Minutes)

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What does SaaS stand for? More importantly, what does it mean? In this video, I explain the definition of SaaS, why entrepreneurs are creating SaaS businesses and why SaaS is so valuable.

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Contents of this video:

00:00 - Intro
02:00 - “What is SaaS?”
03:03 - “Why is it New?”
05:11 - “Why is it Preferred?”
07:42 - “Why is it Growing?”
09:50 - Recap
Dan Martell : The other day, my buddy asked me “Dan, what exactly is a SaaS?” This video is for anyone that wants to know what it is and why SaaS is the best business model of the 21st century.
Dan Martell : Exclusive Resource: Idea to Exit Mini-Course™ - Learn How To Build a Product Without Spending Money & True Customer Validation -
Gabriel Lucis : Thanks Dan it was inspiring , I am building a SaaS in my little country Ecuador
Jon Browne : Dan, I’m just getting into your videos and want to start my own SaaS but I’m not sure where to start in your videos. Do you have a suggested playlist I should listen and follow to go from ground zero: just the idea to ~30 something employees?
Sam Gaudet : Another one! Straight into it

Lessons Learned from 3000 SaaS Companies

Keynote at #SaaStock16 Patrick Campbell of Price Intelligently shares his learnings.
Jacke Christensen : I totally agree with this gentleman - I used to focus on "logo quantaties" but have realised that monetiziation and retention is way more valuable
Hafiz Taha Jamil : "Fascinating"! Isn't it? ;)
Bryan Erazo : Jeff bezos created Amazon by being a customer centric company in 1994. After many year, only few companies do it.
Ankit Khandelwal : To overcome acquisition addiction:

1. know your numbers
2. quantify your buyer persona
3. implement a customer development process
Know your numbers
Go to customers, talk to them
Price sensitivity analysis
Be customer focused
Paul Anthoni : That was FASCINATING!

5-Minute Breakdown: Software as a Service (SaaS)

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In this video, Chuck Keith covers one of the three cloud service models: Software as a Service, commonly referred to as “SaaS.” He focuses primarily on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, walking you through cloud computing fundamentals with an eye on how to prepare for and pass the Azure AZ-900 exam.

Chuck begins by introducing Software as a Service (SaaS) as one side of the triangle that forms the cloud. The other two, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) are briefly discussed as he provides the context necessary for you to understand what SaaS brings to the picture.

IaaS focuses primarily on data centers, networks \u0026amp; firewalls, and servers \u0026amp; storage, while PaaS adds various developer tools and operating systems into the mix.

SaaS, however, is the broadest of the three, touching aspects of both IaaS and PaaS and adding the full library of hosted applications.

Wrapping your mind around how these three interact is critical to an accurate business and technological understanding of the cloud.

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Start learning with CBT Nuggets:

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Mohan Pannirselvam : well done sir
Steve Jobs : Saas should be a cloud service? Or just a off-line single play game is also a Saas?
YinYang444 : Needed a quick update before a interview thanks bro
ThompsoN : soos meem schnansch fnenf lool pauapfryarf
T P : This video is so helpful. It isn’t easy to simply complex concepts but you did it!




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